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Meanwhile: An Interactive Comic Book Download] [FULL] [UPD]

THANKS TO ALL OF OUR KICKSTARTER BACKERS, OUR FUTURE DIGITAL EDITIONS AND ALL BACK ISSUES WILL NOW BE FREE TO DOWNLOAD! - We are currently in the process or reformating some back issues and finding a better way to have these available for you to download for free! Please join our Hero-Gram newsletter to get alerts for new free comic downloads!

Meanwhile: An Interactive Comic Book Download] [FULL]


What format are your digital comics in? Our digital issues are enhanced PDFs. They will work on all of your digital devices as well as readable on your home computers. With our new "Digital Deluxe" editions we're adding some cool interactive elements as well.

How do I view a PDF on my iPad or iPhone? It's easy! Just plug your device into iTunes and drag and drop any PDF comic files into the "BOOKS" section. Simply select the books you want to sync to your device and they will appear inside the iBooks app of your iPad or iPhone. If you don't see it right away on the bookshelf, don't panic! Just click on your "collections" tab and switch to your PDF collection. If you're on an iPad and click the download link for your PDF it should also download it in your browser and will prompt you asking if you'd like to open in iBooks or Other PDF reader apps you may have installed.

My writing guide is intended for newbies, and parts of it may need a little updating. For more in-depth and current resources, see my Comic Book Creators page. This whole section of our site is devoted to serving as a gateway to helpful information about making, teaching, and reading comic books. I add new links periodically, so send me your suggestions!

It may seem odd to jump from an aesthetic discussion to hard, cold business facts. But the reality is that before you start writing a comic book story, you should know a little something about the comics industry and community. The publishing scene is in the midst of a sea change. Currently, comics publishers come in about six flavors:

Like good screenwriters, good comic book writers think in pictures as well as words. They visualize the images in their stories, then describe them to artists via scripts. Unlike most screenwriters, though, comics writers usually give the illustrator a fair amount of direction about how to portray each scene.

8. Gutter: The space, usually white, between and around panels. Colored or shaded gutters can help establish mood, denote flashbacks, or be used purely for aesthetic effect. Gutters are an almost subliminal part of the comic book reading process, since they represent the events between panels and pages.

This is especially true for comics that have a potential bookstore, as opposed to comic book shop, audience. Believe it or not, reading comics is something of a learned skill. People who rarely read comic strips or comic books may have a hard time perceiving sequential art as anything more than a series of disconnected images. Or they may simply ignore the images in favor of the words if the layout is confusing.

For a handy guide to developing character profiles, see Chapter 3 of Making a Winning Short by Edmond Levy. And for an excellent discussion and critique of narrative structures, see Alternative Scriptwriting by Ken Dancyger and Jeff Rush (listed on my page of resources for comic book creators).

Even in serialized comics and manga, each issue or book should end with a resolution of some sort (character arc, subplot, and/or major plot thread) as well as an element of mystery or suspense. The trick is to both satisfy the reader and leave her wanting more, which can be a difficult balancing act.

Creating comic books, like filmmaking, is largely a collaborative process, excepting those few talented auteurs who can write, draw, letter, and color their own comics. The usual sequence of creation is writing, pencilling, lettering, inking, then coloring, with variations depending on the creative team, schedule, and publishing model. Monthly comics usually follow this process in assembly-line fashion to stay on schedule as much as possible. If the writer blows a script deadline, it puts pressure on everyone else down the line to catch up.

Take a 75-minute must-see guided tour to catch all the highlights of this fantastic, family-friendly aquarium. Shedd Aquarium features sea otters, penguins, alligators, and beluga whales, plus Great Lakes species exhibits. There are touch experiences, playtime areas, and lots of learning opportunities at this interactive aquarium. General admission varies; book in advance online or call (312) 939-2438 to get the best pricing.

This is the online shop for Peppertop Designs, home of theMonsters, Inked andThe Greys webcomics. Here you canorder books and CDs from us, and find more information about our t-shirts, which are sold via a third party supplier.If you don't want to buy anything, but do want to support our work, we're not too proud to accept donations!

This 28-page full colour book (210mm x 145mm) features all the comics that appeared in The Bucks Herald, plus others thatwe subsequently posted online. With additional trivia and behind the scenes insights, it's a must for any fan ofthe series.

  • All 57 comics from Season 1 & Season 2 in PNG, SVG and SVGZ formats

  • Our original commentary for each comic

  • 20 comics translated into Italian (with SVG source files)

  • Scans of early sketches and artwork

  • 'Creators Commentary' audio recordings for selected comics

  • Timelapse videos showing how some of the comics are constructed

  • HTML5 Audio Interview - an interactive multimedia extravaganza including:Over 35 minutes of audio with an accompanying time-synched slideshow

  • The history of The Greys

  • Secrets of the Easter Eggs

  • Questions from our supporters

  • Our favourite sci-fi icons

  • Plus much, much more

If you would like to see any of our other characters or comics turned into a t-shirt, please dodrop us a line with your suggestions to [email protected]DonationsIt costs us hundreds of pounds every year to host our website, and the bandwidth requirements increase almost every month.Even if you don't want to buy anything, you can help us out with a small donation. Thank you.More Details...We want to continue offering our comics for free download. We want you to be able to share them with your friends.We even make the source files for The Greys available so you can take them apart,learn from them, or even modify them yourself, for non-commercial use. But every link that's shared,or file that's downloaded, eats up a little more of our bandwidth.

Leonardo Faierman was born in Buenos Aires, raised in Queens, on the playground was where he planned most of his schemes. Since then he's plowed a jagged path as a writer, editor, podcaster, comic creator, and mostly benevolent malcontent in New York City. His favorite comic book is Love & Rockets, favorite film is Mad Max: Fury Road, favorite video game is Guardian Heroes, favorite book is The Thief's Journal by Jean Genet. At time of writing, there is the distinct possibility that all or some of those have changed. Leo's 1/5th of the long-running podcast @BlackComicsChat, 1/2 of horror podcast @TheScreamSquad, co-creator of the comic book Snow Daze, and continues to pursue shaggy placement in parts unknown. It's pronounced "Fireman."

Recent anti-Asian hate and resulting activism, in conjunction with the Black Lives Matter movement, have reignited the possibilities of interracial solidarity. This crucial coalition-building can best be understood through its historical antecedents: the social protest movements of the 1960s and 70s and the call for ethnic studies curricula in the American education system. Emblematic of this call for Asian Americans was a literary anthology, Aiiieeeee! (1974), which insisted on an Asian American voice that went far beyond the stereotypical cry of Asian characters depicted in early American films and comic books that inspired its title.

Dead Space is a 2008 comic book prequel to the video game of the same name. It is published by Image Comics and is written by Antony Johnston, with art by Ben Templesmith. An animated version of the comic was available to download via Xbox LIVE, PSN and various game review sites such as in summer 2008. The comics in their animated form can be unlocked in Dead Space: Extraction.

Rollerdrome introduces players to a unique retro-futuristic universe that comes with that distinct comic-book-inspired art style. The soundtrack, meanwhile, is from Electric Dragon merging iconic 1970s sounds with contemporary driving beats, creating a heart-thumping backdrop to the carnage.

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