Acrylic Paint Pouring Workshop Kit & Two Zoom Online Classes

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When you purchase this product you will be booked into Two Online Zoom Classes. Our first class will be held on Midday Sunday 26th of September. When purchased your workshop kit gets shipped to your door! It includes pre-mixed ready to go Mont Marte pouring paints (8), 1 Mont Marte white ready to go pouring paint, 1 Mont Marte pouring medium (to use if needed or if you are wanting to have a play with some other paints you may have), Mont Marte silicone oil, Mont Marte foam brushes, Mont Marte mini colour wheel, Mont Marte Wooden Panel and Mont Marte Canvas x 1 (Either square or Circle depending on stock availability) . You will also receive instructions for the two Zoom classes and safety data sheets please provide your email address when purchasing. We have Afterpay available. Bookings need to be made Monday the 6th of September to ensure delivery of your kit before the classes.

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